Progressive Immigration Services is one of Canada’s most prominent international immigration organizations. The organization, founded by Mr. Mohammad Reza Nosrati, has been established in Toronto, Canada, since 2005 with the goal of helping those who hope to immigrate to Canada to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Canada is one of the ideal countries for immigrants who dream of a new life. A large, developed country with a low population may be the best description for Canada. In this country, there are many opportunities for those who are skilled or looking for a peaceful and secure investment environment. Along with these opportunities, there are a number of world-renowned universities and colleges for young people eager to continue their education.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Nosrati and his expert colleagues believe that everyone has the right to complete information about the land and the country in which they decide to build their future. Candidates should also have the support and guidance of consultants and organization professionals to achieve their aspirations as best they can, so our free consulting services can be a great first aid to your questions.

For a number of years, the organization has provided a variety of advisory services to business and professional clients in all areas of immigration law, including family, professional, business and educational and tourist visas. Since its inception, the organization has gained a great reputation for its high quality of service and client confidentiality, and its consultants and experts have focused their efforts on providing close and friendly customer service.

At this organization, we will always be happy to provide you with the information you need about immigration to Canada.

Why Choose a Progressive Immigration Agency

Mr. Mohammad Reza Nosrati, with the official certification of the relevant organizations in Canada, and with the help of a highly experienced team of ICCRC, are ready to assist you in immigration to Canada. With a wealth of experience and thousands of successful cases, he is capable of accurately analyzing all the strengths and weaknesses of your case by taking the right approach to help you in this crucial decision that will change the lives of your loved ones and the future of your loved ones. . He is an official member of the ICCRC and since the ICCRC chooses its members carefully and thoroughly after passing very difficult exams, such as the English or French examinations and courses, he is one of the first to join. And it will certainly use all your experience and ability to help you.

 A number of advantages of choosing a leading immigration agency:

۱٫ We help you choose the best and most suitable among the different migration methods.

Due to the variety of immigration methods, you will find it difficult to choose the right approach even if you have full command of one of the two official languages ​​of Canada, English, and French. The experienced people of our organization and, above all, Mr. Mohammad Reza Nosrati will certainly assist you in making this difficult choice.

Many cases are delayed or rejected because they are incomplete. Weeks and months will be lost if you submit an incomplete file. If you file an incomplete application with the Migration Board, you may lose the compliance power rating, which is a significant advantage, and may have a negative impact on the immigration officer. Our experienced staffs are able to assist you in preparing and sending the documents properly.

۲٫ Many cases are rejected because authorities find the information inaccurate or in fact fictitious. It doesn’t matter if your case is deliberate or deliberately wrong. A small mistake will delay or delay your case. Progressive Migration Experts make sure that the information is error-free and thus get unnecessary delays.

Very Important:

Sending fake documents to the Migration Board of Canada is a crime and not only will you miss your case but you will not be able to send another one for up to two years, and after 5 years you will probably have to file a fake The accuracy is very carefully examined.

۳: Your ability and fluency in the English language, again you are probably not familiar with the details of immigration laws in various dimensions and this can put your case at risk.

۴٫ Our organization is able to attach the appropriate “Cover Letter” to your case:

The task of this letter is to properly evaluate all of your abilities and work experience and to make the assessment clearly visible to the Migration Officer and should, if they do not agree with the listing, State the reason for their disagreement. As a result, we draw the officer’s attention to your best strengths.

Having an office with the cooperation of experienced people in Iran

۵- The Immigration Board’s correspondence should be answered as soon as possible.

Since, timely submission of requested documents and responding to Migration Board correspondence is of the utmost importance, our organization carefully considers all time limits and responds promptly and because all applications are processed. In Canada, the likelihood of letters being delayed or not reached is almost zero.

Preparing clients for an embassy interview

This is actually the last step before getting your residence card. Your interview is usually the decision-making stage of the Migration Officer, and since they can turn you down for any reason, so your strength, dominance, and preparedness can be a very important factor in making that decision. We help you by giving you a list of questions that may come up in the interview, and by increasing the number of essentials you will be successful.

In a nutshell: Your trust in our experience and integrity is a sure guarantee of success in your immigration case and your dreams come true, so join us.